Please note we do not sell pallets to the public for garden furniture due to insurance purposes.

The Glasgow Pallet Company specialise in the sales, delivery & collection of pallets in the Glasgow area.

Pallet delivery can range small loads off 100 - 400 truck loads, whichever is required by our customers.

We deal with any size of pallet request and are happy to pass on our specialist's advice.

Selection of Pallets

With over 30 different types of pallets to chose from.

The company always have a large stock of pallets to choose from on a 24 hour turn around for period possible for our clients.

Pallet Uplift

Pallet Uplift's from companies, we offer the best prices paid for reusable pallets and site clearance to avoid fire hazard and health safety issues.

Pallet Sales

We sell all sizes 7 standards of pallets to carry weight from 200 kilo 1.5 ton.

We have reputable customer base customers who have been loyal for years. Testimonial and feedback surveyeys on our service have been undertaken to see how we can improve our service ongoing.

Our Guarantee

Our customers are from all different back grounds, paper industry to oil, sales, retail & exporting.

We guarantee customer satisfaction and the quality Pallet you need for your project.

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